Arco, ItalyCartersville, Georgia, USA

Overview of Aquafil USA

Aquafil USA is the headquarters for Aquafil S.p.A. in the USA. Aquafil USA produces BCF yarns, polymers, and plastics in its 312,000 sq. ft. facility in Cartersville, Georgia. This facility will have an expanded nylon polymer processing capacity of 40 million lbs. per year.


Synthetic Fibers & BCF Yarns

asf_repAquafil USA Synthetic Fibers provides a dynamic range of carpet fibers. Advanced processing techniques include: twisting, heatsetting, air entangling, and extrusion. Aquafil's Cartersville staff also provides product development, technical service and quality assurance. These fiber products offer carpet clients an unprecedented level of color range and accuracy in addition to meeting ambitious texture and performance demands.

  • Use 500 SKU's and 360 colors
  • State of the art Nylon 6 fiber technology

Polymers & Plastics

aepus_repAquafil USA Plastics produces custom nylon compounds to meet the needs of various specialty markets. Our innovative "green" product line, ECONYL®, is manufactured in this facility from a "closed-loop" system of capturing and reusing internally generated fiber reclaim.

  • Advanced compounding and color technology
  • Continuous quality improvement with CPK of 1.5
  • Customer focus from beginning to end of project lifecycle
Aquafil Engineering Plastics (AEP) is a global supplier of plastic compounds to a wide range of specialty markets. AEP is part of Aquafil S.p.A., an international corporation that has been producing polymers, fibers, and textiles for over 50 years and produces 100kt of Nylon per year. Aquafil S.p.A. is an industry leader in its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. In fact, AEP has created a truly “green Nylon product line” called ECONYL®, to meet the corporation’s goal of “full internal waste recovery”.

Corporate Overview & Global Connections

global_mapAquafil S.p.A. is an international corporation with heaquarters in Arco di Trento, Italy. For over 50 years Aquafil has been a leader in producing polymers (100kt of Nylon per year,) synthetic fibers, and textile yarns. With 12 production facilities on 3 continents, Aquafil has the ability to provide synthetic fibers and polymers to meet a growing global demand.

Aquafil has been an industry leader in its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Aquafil has pioneered new technologies and processes that have led to the reduction in material waste, energy usage, and emissions in many of its facilities. The ECONYL® "circle of life" meets the company's goal of full internal waste recovery.

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